Many solar operators still believe that the natural cleaning of solar modules through rain and wind is sufficient, and that no additional manual cleaning is required. However, this belief is outdated from today’s perspective.

Not cleaning solar panels will often result in irreversible damage to your solar modules, a reduction in your panels’ efficiency, and the shortening of the lifespan of your equipment. To protect your investment and ensure peak performance, your solar panels need to be coated with Cenano Pacific’s exclusive nanotol line — doing so will maximize your solar investment return. An easyto-apply transparent coating will leave your panels clean and efficient for up to three years, with no additional maintenance required. You can do it yourself or hire a Cenano Pacific preferred contractor to apply and treat your panels.

“I encourage everyone who has invested in a PV solar system to have your panels treated with Cenano Pacific’s exclusive nanotechnology,” said Akamai Energy’s Richie Aqui, who exclusively treats all his customers’ solar panels with Cenano Pacific’s nanotol line. “I’ve seen dirty panels after just a few months in places like Mililani, Ewa Beach and Kapolei. Sealing your panels with nanotechnology will protect your investment and keep your panels clean and efficient, and it’s really inexpensive.”



According to Cenano Pacific’s Dean Kodama, “If you read the fine print on your solar panel brochure, it does state that you need to keep your solar panels clean. Cleaning your panels is one thing, but sealing it with nanotechnology creates a self cleaning ‘lotus effect’ coating, and the sealant actually increases your solar panels’ efficiency. It’s 100 percent safe and will not affect your solar panels’ warranty.”

Cenano Pacific’s nanotol line is also perfect for automotive, boats and yachts, fabric and wood, floors, lenses, electronics, home care — you name it. It even seals and protects concrete. Nanotechnology allows you to make your kitchen and bathroom easy to clean with just water. It’s the perfect cleaner and sealant for windows, and Cenano Pacific’s textile cleaner and upholstery sealant is perfect for pet owners.

Tired of wasting your time and money waxing your car? After treating your car with Cenano Pacific’s nanotol, you will improve your vehicle’s appearance even on dated, used cars. The special nanotol sealant acts as a repellent for dust, dirt and grease. It’s very easy to apply and one treatment lasts up to 12 months, and will keep your car shiny and new with less car washes needed.

“Even during the winter rain, I was able to keep my car clean with a showroom appearance,” said Kodama. “The days of ‘Oh no, I just washed my car’ when it starts to rain are over. In fact, the rain helps wash off the dirt through the ‘lotus effect’ properties of nanotechnology and the Cenano product. I’ve tried other similar products, but this is the one.” Check out Cenano Pacific’s YouTube channel at

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