The bedroom is an oasis. It’s the place where you wake up, energized and ready to start the day, as well as where you slip away and unwind. This is the one room that is truly yours, so make sure it’s a reflection of your personality.

Looking for a place to start? Find a paint color that matches your character and charisma. Paint manufacturers are now releasing their predictions for 2014’s hot colors. Many, like the four trend palettes from Pratt & Lambert — Common Ground, Uncharted, Nature’s Bounty and Grace — provide descriptions and pose questions that can reveal your perfect color choice.

Common Ground

Are you enticed by the beauty and mystery of different cultures? Are you constantly looking for ways to embrace your adventurous side? If so, the Common Ground palette is for you. Inspired by dramatic, floral patterns, tribal prints and saturated hues, this global palette features boldly exotic and fearless colors. Pair Olive Grove with Orange Spice to get a look worthy of a world traveler.




Do the depths of the sea and unexplored realms of the universe cause your curious side to quiver with excitement? If yes, then it’s time for you to discover the colors of Un-charted. By focusing on bright colors set in dark spaces, you’ll awaken your spirit and open your mind to the unknown. Incorporate Delightful Aqua or Deep Cerise with Noir to get an out-of-this-world, fantasy-worthy room.

Nature’s Bounty

Looking for a more simplistic slumber? Find harmony with the earth through Nature’s Bounty palette, which celebrates the purity of Mother Nature and a sustainable, responsible future. This trend brings with it rich, honest colors representative of whole foods, plants and soil from the farm-to-table movement. Bring Pratt & Lambert’s 2014 Color of the Year, Sunspot, into your restful room for a natural touch that will liven the space. Complete the look by showcasing the raw and unique look of unfinished wood.


If you’re looking for a soothing and feminine place to rest your weary eyes, the Grace palette can calm your nerves and provide a soft backdrop to a rough day. This color offering is inspired by the peacefulness, tranquility and subtle delicateness of the world that surrounds us. Muted colors and ethereal, earth tones, like Blue Star and Dover White, work together to create nostalgic beauty and a relaxing retreat.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.