There is perhaps no greater investment for an individual than the one a person makes on a home. Whether building one from the ground up, or renovating a single room, homeowners are wise to seek the expertise of a construction company that is reliable, qualified and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Since 2008, the experienced technicians of Hua Xia Construction have helped create some of the state’s most sturdy, aesthetically beautiful abodes.


“Doing anything to your home is a huge endeavor,” said Andy Cao, project manager of Hua Xia Construction. “Not only do such changes affect the lives of the people who live inside, but they also impact the lifespan and market value of the structure itself.”


Servicing all islands, Hua Xia Construction covers a multitude of services including new home construction, remodeling, additions and repairs, concrete work and painting. As a fully licensed company, Hua Xia is qualified to handle its own electrical and plumbing work in addition to permitting and engineering. “We handle everything from step one,” said Cao. “Moreover, we make sure to include the client every step of the way, exercising active communication and patience so that the homeowner feels comfortable about everything.”

In an effort to adopt a personalized approach to customer service, every home constructed by Hua Xia is tailor-made for its specific location. “A house in Manoa should be handled differently than a house in Kaneohe because the two areas have vastly different weather patterns and terrain types,” explained Cao. “Instead of putting out the same exact architectural design, we take into consideration many factors and match each home to its surroundings.”

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Dedicated to working with any budget and design style, Hua Xia invites all to schedule a consultation, obtain a free estimate and go through the company’s extensive portfolio. “We let our work speak for itself and as a result, the majority of our business comes from referrals made by satisfied clients, who have continued to use us for their home construction and renovation needs,” explained Cao. “Ultimately, what matters most to us is that we meet the needs and wants of the client so well that nobody else can call that place home except him.”

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