In a sea of construction businesses all claiming to be the best on the market, picking the right company for one’s home can seem impossible. “Especially if you are not familiar with designing and building a home, the process can be overwhelming,” said Xiao “Rui” Xie, owner of RUI Building Supply. “It’s the contractor’s job to make the homeowner feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.”


For more than 10 years, RUI Building Supply has successfully constructed hundreds of homes in Hawaii from the ground up. Credited with a full spectrum contracting license, which includes electrical and plumbing work, the full-service construction company offers homeowners the luxury and convenience of working with the same core group of qualified technicians from beginning to end.


“Due to the large-scale nature of building a home from scratch, clients usually have to work with multiple tradesman, which can result in expensive bills spread across multiple invoices,” said Rui. “With us, every task is completed in-house, so we are able to consolidate the costs without any additional charges or hidden fees.”

In addition to home construction, RUI Building Supply also offers a wide range of home renovation services from installing light fixtures to refurbishing cabinets and sinks. Prospective clients are welcome to visit the company’s showroom located on Sand Island Access Road to view the full inventory of materials such as floor tiling, window trimming and cabinets. “We are constantly receiving shipments of new merchandise in different colors and trims,” said Rui. “Our designers and architects work hard to implement an aesthetic that is modern yet timeless.”


With more than several hundred different types of finishes and materials available, RUI Building Supply guarantees a quick turnaround after design planning and permitting has concluded. “Being that we live on an island, it can be a struggle for companies to ship over different materials,” said Rui. “We make it a point to carry everything in stock consistently throughout the year, so the client does not have to waste any time waiting and the builders can start working immediately.”

Currently, the RUI Building Supply is running a 35 to 45 percent off promotion on all cabinets, as well as sales on selected fixtures and appliances.

For more information, visit or call 848-8820.

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