We use windows for various reasons: They bring in light, they provide airflow, and they also give us a one of a kind view of Hawaii that we often forget to stop and admire. Windows Hawaii not only offers the chance to behold Hawaii in its splendor, but also the opportunity to create a more comfortable home using advanced technology only offered by Anlin Window Systems. The Anlin Ali’i Windows proprietary INFINIT e coating consists of a triple-layer silver glass coating that prevents 95 percent of UV rays from entering the home, keeping a cooler temperature inside even on the hottest Hawaii days.


Since 2007, when Northwest Exteriors opened its Hawaiian branch, Windows Hawaii has been “bringing in the beauty to all Hawaiian homes,” as Windows Hawaii general manager, Mario Garcia put it. The company does this by using windows that are coated with INFINIT e glazing, ensuring quality glass at affordable prices — also making Windows Hawaii the only business in Hawaii that can provide this type of coating on windows to its customers.


“When you compare windows side-by-side, you would appreciate the excellence in craftsmanship and the quality the Ali’i window has compared to any of the windows that are sold on the island,” said Garcia. The dual pane Anlin window blocks out 45 percent of sound, requires little maintenance, and provides commodities such as a multi-chamber silicon spacer and argon gas pumped between the two glasses in order to provide a layer of insulation from heat and wind. The pure butyl rubber used to seal the windows keeps out moisture, which is crucial in Hawaii where weather is hot, air is moist, and morning showers are expected.

“What is also so unique about Windows Hawaii is not only the INFINIT e coated window, but the company’s policy to bring quality and satisfaction to their customers — stemming from the knowledgeable personnel, its own installation crews and their utmost customer service,” said Garcia regarding Windows Hawaii staff.


The need for quality windows varies, including being able to withstand the unique Hawaii climate and weather, to provide affordable light and airflow, and at the same time, giving people the opportunity to see clearly; to live surrounded by the beauty of our Island state. Allow Windows Hawaii to help you, “Bring in the beauty.” To contact Windows Hawaii, visit its Waipahu site: 94-480 Akoki St. Unit 4, or call Windows Hawaii at (808) 671-0808. You can also find the company website at

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