Well, it’s a new year and Akamai Pest Solutions would like to thank all its customers who have chosen the safer way to treat for drywood termites over the last year. The company looks forward to taking care of your termite problems this coming year.


Unfortunately, termites don’t take holidays. As you probably already know, termites are a serious problem here in Hawaii, and the state has two major types of termites: dry-wood and subterranean. Akamai’s process of treating dry-wood termites is unique because there is no need to move out or bag food, or so many other humbug things to do to prepare like you had to do with an old traditional tent fumigation. Instead, the company’s process uses organic Orange Oil — an oil extracted from the rind of oranges that after distillation becomes 95 percent pure. This allows the orange oil to wick through wood, killing the adult termites on contact, and the eggs as well. Remember that fumigation does not kill the eggs.


Akamai Pest Solutions targets the infested areas and treats them while you are at home, which is so convenient, especially for those who don’t want to have to move out of their homes for sometimes two days. In California, the process is three days now because of safety. Give Akamai Pest Solutions a call if you suspect you have drywood termites.

The company also treats for ground termites, but instead of organic Orange Oil, it uses a residual product, usually Termidor, and treats the perimeter of the home. Also offered is a five year warranty. Remember that ground termites can do structural damage very quickly, so it’s wise to have an inspection once a year.


Whether you have a home or business, give Akamai Pest Solutions a call. One great thing about commercial structures is the fact that tenants do not have to move out and businesses do not have to close down for a period of time, so if you have a home, warehouse, shopping centers or high-rise buildings, the company can take care of the drywood termites with the safer method using XT2000 Orange Oil.


As Hawaii’s only authorized service provider of XT2000 Orange Oil, Akamai Pest Solutions has many years of experience and expertise to offer its customers.

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