Envirowash Hawaii recommends you take a look outside at your roof. Living in Hawaii with its humid environment, chances are your roof has black streaks, patches or has completely been darkened. This is not the normal process for roof aging. Your roof is actually being infested by an aggressive form of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. This bacteria is colonizing on your roof and feasting on the limestone that roofing manufacturers now use as a filler to replace the asbestos that was used in shingles prior to the late ’70s.


These bacterias escalate the deterioration of your roof by laying extensive filament root systems that burrow down into the roofing materials and eat the limestone, creating fissures and cracking. The waste that they excrete after feasting on your roof is acidic and furthers the destruction of your roof system. This process also creates a warm and inviting environment for other aggressive forms of mold, algae, lichens and bacteria to flourish. Not only does this affect the roof but it can lead to allergies in people. A problem that affects both the roof and the homeowners is the heat produced by the darkening of the roof. The excess heat dries the roofing materials out and causes premature aging. The Homeowner is directly affected by how much extra energy is required to cool off the house, which leads to extra money out of their pockets.


Fortunately there is a cost effective, environmentally safe treatment that will not damage your roof. Mike Wedge from Envirowash Hawaii stated, “Because we know these bacterias are living organisms, we know it is not a cleaning issue but a treatment issue. You cannot simply blast them away with a pressure washer. You will only break the stems at the surface leaving the root system to grow back thicker and fuller than before. You must achieve a 100 percent kill ratio to eradicate the problem.”


Envirowash Hawaii is Hawaii’s only certified Soft Wash cleaner and recommends a routine maintenance roof cleaning every 3-5 years to help ensure you reach the full duty cycle of your roofing system. It is also highly recommended, and in most cases a requirement by manufacturers, in order to maintain your roof ‘s warranty.

Your home is one of your biggest investments and needs to be cleaned and maintained to get the most out of it. Let Envirowash Hawaii service all aspects of your roof and exterior cleaning. Contact Envirowash Hawaii for a free on-site estimate and let the company restore your home’s beauty.

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