Another year has gone by and a new one begins and your electric bills continue to go up year after year as we plug in more things. Now you have to pay for holiday gifts, the huge electric bill you have is growing with no end in sight and you feel stuck. But there is something you can do: Get an energy audit.

Learn what appliances and systems, tools and toys in your home eat up the most power and raise your electric bill. Learn what you can do to bring those charges down by doing very simple things, and see if that old fridge in the carport is costing more than it’s worth. Smart Energy Hawaii has energy auditors on staff who will come out to your home free of charge and walk you through a simple energy audit. Once you have the audit, there are some positive steps you can take to decrease your electric bill.


An easy step is to unplug, turn off or replace energy-gobbling items with more efficient appliances. You will be amazed at how much you can save.


Your next step may be to consider installing a PV (photovoltaic) system for your home. It can dramatically lower your electric bill — but it’s still up to you to help conserve energy and be smart about your energy usage. Smart Energy Hawaii works with you to not only help you install and maintain your PV system, but also to continue helping you find ways to lower your unnecessary consumption by being smart with your energy.

It’s pretty basic: If you use less energy, you will need a smaller PV system. By upgrading certain appliances and adding more efficient systems like a solar hot water heater, you can reduce your monthly kilowatt usage and save money. The company is here to help you save on the front end and on the back end.


You don’t need a big and expensive PV system to save money. The team at Smart Energy Hawaii will look at all aspects of your energy usage from the age of your refrigerator to the type of light bulbs you are using. Even if you have a PV system in place, the company can help you save even more on monthly energy bills — just by being smart.

Get your energy audit today with a free on-site evaluation of your home and learn more about the benefits of PV. Visit or call 373-4559 to schedule a no-cost basic energy audit for your home.

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