You know you need a new roof so how will you decide what system to buy?

There are lots of things to think about. You want to get a fair deal. You may have bought a cheap asphalt shingle roof in the past and have found out that the lowest price generally means lower quality, poor performance and a short life. If you are currently in the market for long-term durability, low weight, fire and wind resistance, as well as a roof that looks great, will keep on looking great for decades, and can be walked on without damage, you may be looking for a Country Manor Shake (CMS) aluminum roof.



The Country Manor Shake aluminum roof system was engineered and developed by Alcoa in 1974, but is now manufactured by Classic Products in Ohio. This adds up to 40 years of field testing all around the world in the most extreme weather conditions. Classic uses high tensile aluminum to form the CMS panels and produces an affordable, lightweight, energy-efficient roof system with unsurpassed durability and strength. Plus, CMS does not degrade over the years and now comes with a cool, HIR infrared reflecting coating that is even warranted not to fade or chalk more than a tiny amount for 30 years.

Since the roof can be easily walked on, it is an ideal roof system if you decide to add PV or solar hot water. You won’t have to worry about cracked concrete tile during installation or future equipment maintenance.

You can see that the permanent CMS roof is easily the best looking and best performing roof you can buy, and it’s backed up with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty (40-Year Transferable Limited Warranty) covering 100 percent of both material and replacement labor for a number of specific occurrences. So, what about the contractor that installs it?


Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (ASR) has been licensed in Hawaii and has specialized in the installation of CMS for 25 years, with thousands of installations statewide. All of the roofs were installed by ASR employees; some having more than 20 years with the company. The skill level and old school craftsmanship exhibited by the crew is second to none.


If you want a roof that will protect your home in Hawaii’s tough marine environment, a roof that is energy efficient and will keep your home 10 degrees cooler or more than a conventional roof, and one that will actually add value to your home, you will probably want to investigate the benefits of CMS.

If you will need a new roof soon, getting a proposal from Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. is easy. Call Fred Rehm, the owner of ASR, and he’ll come out and measure your roof and prepare a scaled drawing. He’ll then put together a clear, detailed and free written estimate, itemizing everything that must be done to install a beautiful, long lasting Country Manor Shake aluminum roof on your home.

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