With stunning ocean views, and just walking distance from world-renowned beaches, Hawaii’s coastline communities have the ideal real estate. What is not so ideal is the salt mist and corrosion that the homes have to endure. Saltwater is known to have the potential to degrade structures and impair their intended performance.

With this in mind, Dean Wakatsuki, director of operations at Risource Energy, offers Hawaii residents Japan-made Solar Frontier CIS panels that have proven resistant to the rigorous conditions of a saltwater environment, with their multiple moisture barriers and robust construction. Because Japan and Hawaii are both island archipelagos surrounded by ocean and forced to survive extreme maritime conditions, Wakatsuki trusts the research, design, testing and certification behind the second-generation CIS panels.



As Wakatsuki explained, “The CIS panels have been awarded certifications from the world’s market leader in examining and certifying the safety and quality of PV products.” The Solar Frontier modules received salt mistand ammonia-resistant certifications devised by TUC Rheinland, and confirmed that the CIS panels, according to Wolfgang Lange of Solar Frontier’s Europe Division, “are not only economical and ecological investments, but also a secure investment when located near the seashore … remaining unaffected by corrosive properties of ammonia or salt mist.”

In addition, the Solar Frontier’s modules underwent harsh testing conditions. Being installed on a commercially operating ocean-class vessel, the CIS panels suffered neither power degradation nor any corrosion after three years on the Kaiyu Maru tanker. The modules were also the panels of choice for a solar project at a container terminal in the

Port of Los Angeles, being selected to demonstrate durability in a high saline environment. And once again, the panels proved to provide continuous and excellent output against corrosion from the sea air, making this L.A. Port container terminal the first and only to achieve the high standards of environmental management through an ISO 14001 certification, and the first to use Alternative Maritime Power technology.



These testing conditions are what Solar Frontier describes as “real-world conditions,” and it sets the standards high for the scientists and engineers of the world’s largest and fastest-growing manufacturer of CIS thin-film photovoltaic modules.

Many of our island communities, particularly on Oahu, have developed along coastal plains because they are flat and low-lying. In these communities, you will find Risource Energy customers that appreciate CIS salt-mist resistant panels — like a homeowner living along Kaneohe Bay who is reducing his $200/month electric bill; another near Kailua Bay who is shrinking her $500/month electric bill; and a homeowner near Pokai Bay lowering his $285/month electric bill.

In 2014, plan for your energy saving needs, and find out how Risource Energy’s made-in-Japan CIS panels are fine-tuned for these less-than-ideal conditions to provide you with long-lasting durability and strong reliability. Don’t miss your last chance to visit Risource Energy’s booth at the BIA Remodeling Show today at Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.

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