Surprisingly, roof warranties vary a lot — in length, as well as in what they cover. Does the material manufacturer only cover defects in materials, or does the company also cover labor costs — even if the applicator puts it down wrong? That’s a huge difference. Leakmaster Roofing installs all the fine products below. Everyday, the company explains the differences to its customers so they can make the best choice for their budgets.

Here’s Leakmaster Roofing’s opinion on projects and warranties after 24 years in the business.


Project: Shipping warehouse roof System: APOC Silicone Roof Coating Warranty: 20 years labor and material backed by APOC (Gardner Industries), the manufacturer. This type of warranty (also called an NDL — No Dollar Limit Warranty) is the gold standard of warranties. It is guaranteed by the material manufacturer, and presumed to have deep pockets — even if the roofer goes out of business. The Gardner family of companies dates back to 1913, as the first manufacturer of roof repair products in the United States. While there was a slight charge (11 cents per square foot) for the NDL Warranty by Apoc, many companies feel that is a small price to pay for the security.

Comments: This client wanted a system that would last at least as long as the solar panels that are being installed over it. Most solar panels today come with a 20 or 25 year warranty. Shouldn’t your roof last that long too?


Project: Hospital roof System: Duro-Last Single Ply Roofing Warranty: 15 years labor and material warranty, and No Dollar Limit (NDL). This warranty is also very popular, as it is the only one known warranting your labor and material. It also guarantees against any damage to your interior, up to $14,000,000. This is called “Consequential Damage” in legal language, and is almost always excluded by roofers and manufacturers’ warranties. Duro-Last calls itself “The World’s Best Roof,” and has been backing its product since 1978. There is no charge for this warranty. Every roof done in Hawaii must pass a rigid test by a Mainland inspector.

There are many other fine products that LeakMaster roofing installs, including GacoRoof, NXT Silicone, Certainteed, Tropical and others. To find out more about these products and their warranties, call Leakmaster at 591-1900 or visit its showroom at 575 Cooke St. in Kakaako. You can also visit the company online at

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