With a constantly evolving industry like solar, it is important to have a clear picture of the current situation for homeowners, and continually revisit the myths and facts that shape their options for becoming energy independent. Recently, Hawaii faced some changes in its solar energy policy. These changes gave rise to some confusion, so RevoluSun wants to make sure homeowners start off informed in 2014.


Myth No. 1: The state doesn’t provide tax credits anymore for new solar PV systems.

Fact: The Hawaii Energy Tax Credit allows solar customers to claim an income tax credit of 35 percent of the cost of equipment and installation of a solar PV system. A credit that exceeds the taxpayer’s income tax liability may be carried forward to subsequent years until exhausted.

Myth No. 2: HECO has a new rule that will make customers pay for a supplemental study before they can install solar if their area grid is already, or close to, saturated.

Fact: There is no cost for the supplemental study if you need one. If the utility determines that you need to upgrade the circuit in your grid area, the customer may have to pay for that. “Even if an upgrade is needed, a PV system will still provide savings for the homeowner over the life of the system,” RevoluSun Principal Eric Carlson said.

Myth No. 3: Solar panel installation and weight result in wear-and-tear on my roof, possibly causing it to deteriorate or leak.


Fact: It is important that you choose an experienced contractor who has worked with a variety of roofing types to ensure the proper care is taken during the installation, minimizing any potential for damage to the roof. When installed correctly, solar panels can actually protect and preserve the portion of the roof they cover. RevoluSun’s unique racking system can span further distances and is made of a Marine Grade “6000 series” anodized aluminum that requires less drilling of holes. Unirac, owned by the Hilti Group, which is well known for industry-leading expertise and commercial grade materials, manufactures the racking.

RevoluSun is committed to continue providing Hawaii homeowners with the very best in solar equipment, design and installation.

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