When a local homeowner and her husband (who prefer to remain anonymous) decided to expand and update their 50-year-old Pearl City home, the couple began an arduous search for the right construction firm to handle the task.

The homeowners desired more space than the two-bedroom home provided, and embarked on an extensive search for the right company to undertake the expansion project. After attending seminars and interviewing project managers, they decided to utilize the skills and expertise provided by Hua Xia Construction based on the business’ competitive pricing, timeliness in turning the project around and after conferring with project manager Andy Cao.


“We found that Andy Cao, our project manager, is quite customer-oriented,” the homeowner explained. “He kept our budget in mind and made sound recommendations. We were struggling between building a oneor two-level house, and Andy patiently advised us to go with one level. He logically advised that if we need to in the future, we can always add a second level later. But, should we ‘regret’ building a second level, it will not be wise to tear it down.”

Whether it’s constructing a brand new home or implementing an addition to an existing structure, Hua Xia Construction is poised to handle the job.


The family business is equipped to assist customers with everything from additions of full rooms or levels to kitchen and bathroom renovations, which represent some of the popular requests recently. By adding on to an existing structure, or enhancing high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, homeowners can increase the value of their properties while also supplementing their levels of comfort. In today’s economy, it may not be feasible to build a new home from scratch, but Hua Xia will work within customers’ budgets to find the best home improvement solution.


Skilled craftsman Xiang Feng Cao and his son Andy formed Hua Xia Construction in 2008. The company aims to help its customers build or remodel their homes and brings a desirable combination of style and durability to each job.

The duo, along with a team of experienced workers, has been assisting local home and business owners with their building and remodeling needs ever since. As Andy explained, Hua Xia receives a great deal of business via positive referrals and by prospective customers noticing other finished projects.

“Most clients will see a house we’ve built or remodeled in the past as an example of our workmanship,” said Andy. “We feel confident working as a family to make our clients happy.”


Hua Xia handles the design and permitting process all the way through completion of the project, building quality structures from the ground up. The company also takes pride in its smooth finishing techniques, especially on various flooring applications, where experience and professional quality are vital.

“We can’t wait to move back in as the floor plan is way better than that of the previous house,” said the homeowner of her revamped home. “We look forward to our new, spacious house for our children to run around in.”

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