The wedi® Fundo Total Shower Solution is the industry’s innovative application for constructing 100 percent waterproof-tiled showers. With the uncomplicated assembly process and the ability to be tiled the same day, the system is installed quickly and efficiently, reducing substrate preparedness from days to hours.

The wedi System is in stock at Hawaii Glass Block. The shower base is pre-sloped and can easily be cut to size or extended to fit any custom shower application. With choices of curb size, soap niches and bench options, you can truly design the shower of your dreams. The wall panels are 80 percent lighter than cement board or backer board. The wedi extruded polystyrene products are used to support Energy Star-qualifying construction.


Besides 100 percent waterproof tile, here are other products Hawaii Glass Block offers.

Glass Block walk-in shower

If you have room for a bathtub, you have room for a glass block shower panel. Eliminate the need for a shower door or curtain by installing a glass block wall. Hawaii Glass Block can prefabricate your panel in modular sections, making it easy and economical for you to install it in just a few hours. The company can also install your glass block or assist you in determining what you will need to do it yourself using the “stack and grout” method.

Windows with added security

To prevent break-ins, replace those easy-to-break-into jalousie windows with a glass block window. You can add a fresh air vent or Milgard Slider to allow for air circulation. Glass block provides the unique combination of timeless beauty, practicality and flexibility, as well as the added benefit of privacy, security and insulation. Furthermore, natural daylight helps increase productivity and makes people happy, and glass block allows natural daylight in for positive energy.


Call or visit the showroom and let Hawaii Glass Block’s knowledgeable staff assist you with the glass block design of your dreams and demonstrate how easy it is to build or install prefab units.

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