You do it every day — and sometimes more than once a day — but, how often do you actually think about your shower routine? And, is it living up to its potential? Follow these seven simple steps and soon your daily shower escape can become sensational and safe — all with only a minimal investment.

Step 1: Undress without mess

Before stepping into the shower, are you going to commit one of the biggest pet peeves of dropping your clothes on the floor … or will you hang them up? To ensure that your bath looks neat, don’t drop your clothes on the floor. Instead, install a robe hook (or two) just outside the shower to easily hang-up clothes.

Step 2: Start the shower

When turning on the shower, are you greeted with a sensational stream or a wimpy wash? To create a sensational shower, start with a quality showerhead.


Upgrading your showerhead is simple. Just unscrew your current showerhead, wrap some plumber’s tape around the arm and screw on the new showerhead. A rain-shower is an excellent choice to provide quality coverage — and there are many options at affordable prices.


Step 3: Pamper with products

Did you know that men cite “having too many items cluttering up the space” as their number one pet peeve in the shower? And while we don’t want to part with our favorite body wash, shampoo or conditioner, it’s easy to add a bit of organization with a shower shelf. Designer grab bars with shelves from Moen Home Care offer a stylish shelf storage solution, available in both corner and straight varieties — while also adding the safety of a grab bar. Plus, they’re available in the most popular finishes for less than $40 (Lowe’s and Menards).

Step 4: Stretch your space

If you’re thinking of an update, don’t think adding additional shower space means adding a lot of cost. You can easily add additional elbow room by simply swapping your straight shower curtain rod with a curved shower rod like the new Moen Tension Curved Shower Rod (Lowe’s, $39.98).

Step 5: Take a seat

Ahh … clutter conquered, a great showerhead, more elbow room, but wouldn’t you be more relaxed — and feel more secure while shaving your legs or washing your feet — if you had a nice place to sit? If your shower doesn’t have built-in seating, there is a wide range of options, from freestanding chairs or seats to more upscale fold-down shower seats featuring teak and stainless finishes.


Step 6: Slip and slide


It’s inevitable in the bath — water is going to create slick surfaces. On average, 370 people of varying ages suffer bathtub or shower-related injuries each day in the United States, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

So, before you step in and shower, be sure that you won’t become a statistic. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can install treads to the bottom of your shower for more sure footing and added traction.

Step 7: Grab a towel

Finally, once you’re squeaky clean and relaxed, you’ll want to reach out for a fluffy, warm towel. How can you ensure your towels are close at hand? Install a towel bar just outside the shower area. But don’t choose just any towel bar — add extra safety with a towel bar that incorporates a grab bar.

With a few simple and inexpensive updates, you can easily achieve a sensational and safe shower in no time at all. For more information, visit


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.