Many homeowners consider pets as members of the family, and a recent survey shows that American homes now encompass more pets than children.

As a means to serve the growing market of pet owners, American Carpet One recently introduced the brand-new Stainmaster PetProtect carpet and cushion system — an easy-to-clean flooring system that offers simple maintenance and stain prevention coupled with a level of comfort desired in a pet-friendly space. PetProtect carpet allows pets to be pets, while homeowners can still maintain a strong sense of pride in their dwellings.


Stainmaster PetProtect is constructed of professional grade material that can be cleaned with stronger, more effective solutions without sacrificing the carpet’s integrity. Proprietary Stainmaster cushioning also serves as an effective barrier that prevents moisture, spills and other messes that pets are known for from soaking through the base layer and into the sub-floor, thus allowing for more thorough cleaning and odor reduction. The carpets, which are constructed with premium nylon 6.6 fiber — a uniquely-structured nylon — also allow for better hair removal when vacuuming up after pets.

“There are about 73 million homes in America with pets, and they are an emotional part of our lives, much as our kids are,” said Danette Hoe, Sales Trainer at American Carpet One. “The lifetime warranties also include labor as well, and have been extended to cover more of the things that happen with pets inside the home. Stainmaster has really made an effort to help homeowners live with their pets while still maintaining a soft and durable carpet.”


American Carpet One serves as Hawaii’s leading authority on carpeting and expert installation, and currently offers a host of Stainmaster PetProtect varieties from which to choose. With more than 1 million square feet of carpet available at its Sand Island “show house” including virtually endless styles and colors that make up the largest stock on the island, American Carpet One allows customers to select their desired floorcovering and have it installed without delay. As a certified Stainmaster Flooring Center, one of 200 with that prestigious distinction nationwide, American Carpet One affords customers access to exclusive products and services, as well as the Ultra Life Advantage — an industry-leading carpet care warranty.


Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) at American Carpet One are poised to adequately handle every step of all installation jobs from prepping the sub-floor to installing the desired carpet or other flooring choice. With a host of CFIs standing by to assist customers in fulfilling their flooring dreams, American Carpet One meets the highest industry standards while also providing the best installation quality and service available.

“The fact that we are locally owned, have a huge warehouse and offer a wide range of products that are available, it allows us to make the claim ‘Buy today, install tomorrow,'” Hoe said. “We can take the measurement information and turn that into a new carpeted room by the next day. By having the products and installation teams under one roof, it really does provide peace of mind and added assurance that any concerns will be addressed immediately.”

American Carpet One stands behind its 39-plus years of serving the Island community, and the locally owned and operated business is geared toward serving its customers for many more years to come.


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