It’s hard to believe, but assuming everything goes as planned, I will have completed my fifth Honolulu Marathon today. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know the course quite well. I can close my eyes and visualize almost every mile. I can picture the people cheering, and I can hear the sound of shoes hitting the pavement. What I can also picture is the giant bed I plan to nap in afterward.

Yes, while the inherent satisfaction of the race is the main reason I do it, I’m also motivated by what comes afterward. I’ve got my game plan for the race, but I’ve also got plans for after. I plan to eat a ridiculous amount of food, and before that, I’ll need a nap. This year is extra special because we recently purchased our first king-sized bed. I learned some tricks along the way that might help you if you’re considering a new mattress, too.


1. The difference between king and California king. I always thought California king mattresses were bigger, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, king beds are wider and shorter, while California kings are narrower and longer.

2. Why warranties don’t matter as much. Manufacturer defects should be covered by the warranty, but remember that many don’t cover normal wear and tear, which is the main reason for mattress replacement. Some warranties last for 25 years or longer, but the reality is that you probably won’t have your mattress for that long anyway. If one mattress is more comfortable than another but has a shorter warranty, don’t let that be the deciding factor.

3. Brands matter. I almost always go with generics for usual household goods, but there is a reason why many mattress brands have lasted so long. Trust reputable brands, and don’t go by online reviews alone. Feel it out for yourself before deciding.

4. Hybrids exist. Can’t decide between traditional, coil-spring mattresses and memory-foam varieties? Now, you don’t have to. Hybrids combine the comfort of memory foam with the support of coils by mixing the two.

5. Price is negotiable.This is one case in which it pays to visit the retailer. Bring your smartphone and check prices online while you’re there. It won’t hurt to ask for a price match or discount. If they won’t come down in price, you may be able to at least get free delivery and free haul away.

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