Eccentric, do-it-yourself projects are as easy as repurposing wallpaper samples into fun crafts and stylish accent walls

As I continue to makeover my home on a budget, I’m finding myself leaning toward classic designs versus trendy ones. What I’ve learned is that to really get your money’s worth, you have to opt for things that will last — not just in sturdiness, but also in visual appeal. While the rage lately has been paint instead of wallpaper, I can’t help but be drawn to covered accent walls.



The raised texture adds another level to rooms that are difficult to mimic with paint.

One of my friends has actually made a career out of selling wall-coverings to high-end commercial designers who use them in hotels, offices and housing complexes, and he’s vouched for their long-lasting appeal. Recently, he gave me one of his extra wallpaper-sample books to play around with. To get your hands on wallpaper samples, too, get to know local vendors. Often, they’re happy to give out leftover books from discontinued stock.

Here are craft ideas for the samples:

1. Frame them.Swapping out stock photos in picture frames for wallpaper samples can add pops of color to a room. Plus, if you hang the frames together, you can create a low-cost art piece.

2. Give pop to an accent wall. Gather coordinating samples and put them together like a patchwork quilt.

3. Line drawers.Brighten up a drab drawer or shelf. Use decoupage glue and remember to cut the paper to size before gluing it down.

4. Create coasters.Take glass photo coasters and swap out the photos for colorful wallpaper samples instead.


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