Reroofing your home is not something that is done every day and it’s not a typical home improvement that homeowners know a lot about. So how do you go about buying a new roof? Not only do you have to select the correct roof product, but you also have to select a competent and fair-minded contractor to install it.


The Country Manor Shake (CMS) roof system was first engineered and developed by Alcoa in 1974, but is now manufactured by Classic Products in Ohio. Classic uses high-tensile aluminum to form the CMS and produces an affordable, lightweight, energy-efficient roof with unsurpassed durability and strength. Plus, this roof will not degrade over the years and now comes with a cool, HI-R infrared reflective coating to keep your home at least 10 degrees cooler than conventional roofs.


You can see that the permanent CMS roof is easily the best-looking and best-performing roof you can buy, and it is backed up with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty covering 100 percent of both material and replacement labor.


What about the contractor that installs it? Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (ASR) has been in business in Hawaii for 25 years and specializes in the installation of CMS with thousands of installations statewide (all done by ASR employees, some of whom have more than 20 years of experience with the company). ASR also frequently takes on complex and unique custom metal roofing and architectural cladding jobs, using copper or stainless steel that other roofing contractors don’t have the expertise to complete. The high degree of precise, old-school craftsmanship required by these projects increases the skill level of ASR’s workers and the Country Manor Shake roof installations show it.

If you’re in need of a new roof, request a proposal from ASR. It’s easy: Call Fred Rehm, the owner of ASR, and he’ll measure and prepare a scaled drawing of your roof. Then he’ll put together a clear, detailed and free written estimate itemizing everything that must be done to install a beautiful, long-lasting CMS roof on your home.

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