The countdown begins in just two more days. Out with the old and in with the new. The new year is a time when most of us make resolutions to improve, save money, or to change in some way. For some, the resolution is to set a personal fitness goal, for others it may be to stop procrastinating on home or garden and landscape improvements.

Big Rock offers you the opportunity to accomplish all three at the same time. You can use the company’s amazing cast stone manufactured products to undertake those home improvement plans as a “do it yourself” project with the result of getting more fit and saving money, all at the same time.


Big Rock has been making Hawaii rock for more than 30 years, and is known for its attention to quality and detail, and for exceptional customer service. There is only one Big Rock location and that’s here on Oahu, in the Mapunapuna area. The company’s manufacturing plant is right there too, so you can pretty much have made what you need, on the spot, without having to wait for costly and time consuming deliveries. If you have something unusual in mind, just ask and it is quite likely Big Rock’s custom-order department can create it for you.


Are you on another island? That’s not a problem either as the owners, Bonnie and Brian, will work with you to fill your needs, and also work with your architectural plans or drawings. Big Rock ships on a weekly basis to all islands and to the mainland. It is the only large cast stone company in the United States — or in the world for that matter — that specializes exclusively in the reproduction of Hawaiian stone.

For those of you who want a Mainland stone look, come to Big Rock for its Coronado Stone line.


Home improvement and new construction both use Big Rock stone veneer to create beautiful natural stone walls — for both exterior or interior wall coverings — including property walls, mailbox posts, barbecue areas and trash containment areas, just to name a few. The veneer can be installed on all wall surfaces, instantly transforming something plain into something beautiful. These stone walls not only improve the appearance of your property, but also increase its value. The stone veneer is not heavy, about 2 inches thick and not difficult to install.

Garden and landscape projects also use Big Rock’s stone, and again, can be done by you (to keep your resolution for getting in shape), or by your gardener. Once again, consultation is offered to help you figure out what you need or to assist you with ideas. Big Rock makes Moss Rock, Lava or Coral stepping stones, boulders, waterfall rocks, garden accents and so much more. All are so natural looking there’s no way you can tell the difference from real or Big Rock.

So, start your new year with a visit to Big Rock. You will get plenty of ideas and you can begin planning to fulfill your resolutions of making home and personal improvements while saving money at the same time.

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