Lanai and Augie are two local comedians who love to make people laugh. But both can agree that high electricity prices are no joke. That’s why the celebrity duo have teamed up with Shaka Solar promoting “Electricity for less when you shaka with the best!”


Shaka Solar is backed by an expert electrical team with more than 20 years of experience and an installation team with more than 10 years solar experience. It is here to help all Hawaii residents with the most affordable options for going green with photovoltaic solar. For a limited time, Shaka Solar is offering a $777-per-panel special. “These are for high-quality panels, not the cheap stuff,” chuckled Lanai. Don’t let Shaka Solar’s low prices fool you.These are for high-quality photovoltaic solar systems backed by 25-year performance warranties. For a small upgrade fee, you can also choose from Kyocera panels, the No. 1 panels made in Japan or the No. 1 panel made in America, from Solar World that are salt-mist resistant and perfect for Hawaii.


With the recent announcement of HECO’s “Call Before You Install” policy, Shaka Solar is well aware of everyone’s concerns about connecting to the grid.

“There really is no need to panic,” said Lanai. “We can help everyone through the PV application and net metering process. Call us today and we will let you know where you stand on the electrical grid, and within 24 hours of our free consultation, we can have your free estimate ready, your net energy meter applications filled out and we will submit your applications free of charge to secure your position in the NEM process.”


“We make it easy for all our customers,” said Shaka Solar’s Randall Koide.”No matter what concentration your electrical grid is at, we can help everyone with their proper paperwork to go green with photovoltaic solar, and this is a free service from Shaka Solar. Our process is fast and efficient. I encourage everyone who is thinking about installing PV solar to call us today and take advantage of this free service.” For those customers who are waiting for NEM application approvals (especially those in the 100 percent-plus zone), Shaka Solar is offering the option of installing the Watt-Buster, which allows you to run your electrical appliances more efficiently therefore allowing a homeowner savings of up to 25 percent on electrical usage with absolutely no solar panels. “This allows customers who have to wait for their net meter approvals to save money while they wait. Everyone who uses electricity needs a Watt-Buster for their home. It’s very inexpensive and built to last for 25 years,” said Koide. “This product is a nobrainer for all homeowners. Everyone can afford this product.” Shaka Solar also has 100 percent off-the-grid systems which require no NEM approvals.


Call Shaka Solar today and ask about 0 percent financing for your PV solar system purchase, which will give you more than enough time to get up to 65 percent tax credits and allow you to enjoy electricity for less when you shaka with the best!

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