The holidays are that special time of year when we open our homes and welcome guests from far and wide.

If you’ll be hosting this year, you know there are plenty of preparations to be made. But you don’t need to get bogged down in the decorations. Follow these tips to create a beautiful holiday motif in just a matter of moments.


• Dress up the curtains. Wrapping paper and Christmas print ribbon only appear once a year, so when they do make the most of them. Use some of that print ribbon and wrap it around your curtains to make festive, holiday bows.


Serve a festive snack. Wheat Thins Holiday snacks are a good choice, as they’re hexagon-shaped snacks that feature festive imprints, including snowflakes and a gingerbread man. Plate them on a holiday platter and serve them with a dip for a fun snack.

• Dress up your house plants. Why should the tree get all the attention? If you have plants in your home, decorate them with festive ornaments of their own.

• Create a sparkling centerpiece.For a simple, yet elegant centerpiece, place vintage ornaments on a cake stand and surround them with holly leaves or evergreen twigs.

• Place your wishes in a wreath. Hang an unadorned twig wreath from a wall. Then supply your guests with small, blank cards and markers to write on and ask them to write a message about the season or the upcoming year on the card before adding it to the wreath. Your guests will enjoy creating their own messages as well as reading the messages of their fellow event attendees.

• Create decorations from candy. Fill tall, slim drinking glasses with candy canes for a festive, yet elegant appearance. Tie a red ribbon around each glass to complete the look.

Preparing your home for that holiday get-together doesn’t have to mean hours of decorating. These simple tips allow you to spend your time enjoying the season.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.