Legacy is what we believe we are building here at Atlas Construction. This permeates through everything we do and is a major belief built into our core values as a design build contractor. From the start of all our designs and building materials that we select, up to our construction techniques, we are building a home to last. We are a fourth generation builder benefiting from our grandparents’ experience in construction and real estate development, not only their accomplishments but also their shortcomings. With these lessons, we have learned to be successful and also to foresee any pitfalls that we may be approaching and avoid or resolve them before they happen. This legacy is what we want to hand down to our family’s next generation of builders and also to the succeeding generations of families who entrust us with building their homes.


Our design process takes into account not only your present needs, but also your future needs. We recommend that our clients think about incorporating accessible living ideas into their design, such as ADA bathrooms, wider hallways and entrances through doorways. If there are plans to extend the home in the future, we also suggest to design the home to accommodate future additions.

The building materials we use for construction are selected for their value, long lifespan and low-maintenance properties.

Our construction process puts these materials together with a high standard of application that goes beyond the standard acceptable use.

Based on our family’s history in the construction and real estate development business, there are bound to be the highs and as well as the lows that come with running a construction company. We are fortunate to have this priceless experience handed down to us, and have managed to duplicate and improve on the successes of our grandparents. We have been able to avoid mistakes because we have the insight to see them coming and know the solutions that have worked in the past to prevent them. We don’t profess to be perfect, but we do believe in making a sincere and earnest effort to resolve any and all issues that may occur during the building process so that it is agreeable to our clients.


This experience is what we value and hope to build upon and hand down to the future generations of our family. To have added to this vast knowledge of experience for our next generation is a huge accomplishment. While achieving this goal, we passed down a home that we built to future generations of one of our client’s family. Homes that will last with the minimum amount of maintenance and a lifetime of living, not just for the present but also the future, are what we build. Atlas Construction’s legacy is to build one home at a time, adding to the past and building on the future.

Our strength comes from our family’s passion, pride and dedication to the company — from watching the bottom dollar, to making sure that clients are well taken care of. We can’t depend on anyone more than family to care for and to nurture our company image. This ethic is translated to our clients: Blood is thicker than water. You won’t find a company with every single member more dedicated to the success of your project. From administration to deliveries to installation, everyone is attentive to our company’s number one need, to stay second to none in customer service. We wish to keep the business in the family for generations to come, so maintaining strong client relationships and a great image of quality and integrity for our future generations is the legacy that we expect our next generation to inherit and carry on.

Bruce Kim is the owner of Atlas Construction.

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