Building a home from the ground-up oftentimes comes with a hefty price tag, especially in Hawaii where land is expensive and limited. To help customers save costs, RUI Building Supply conveniently offers a plethora of services under one roof including architectural design, home renovation, construction, plumbing and electrical work.

As a full-service home renovation and construction company, RUI Building Supply provides customers with the ease and peace of mind of working with the same group of design consultants and general contractors from beginning to end. “Rather than work with multiple companies to complete one project, we are fully equipped with the necessary licenses to build your dream home,” said Xiao “Rui” Xie, owner of RUI Building Supply. “This allows everyone to be on the same page with no room for error.”



Prospective clients are welcome to visit the company’s showroom located on Sand Island Access Road to meet with a design consultant and contractor to discuss their construction options. “Our design philosophy is that the customer’s wants come first,” said Rui. “Whether the client wants a home design that is traditional, contemporary or a mix of both, we are committed to working with any budget and tailoring the work specifically to the homeowner’s needs.”

Whereas in most cases, a client may have to work with an architectural firm as well as a contracting company separately, at RUI Building Supply, the client receives both services in one, easy package. “Because our designers work directly with our contractors from the beginning, we are able to offer our clients incredibly competitive rates,” said Rui. “It’s important for us to keep our work affordable with absolutely no hidden fees.”


With more than 35 years of experience in design and home renovation, RUI Building Supply has direct access to the highest quality materials from shower and kitchen fixtures to granite and quartz countertops. Flooring options include hardwood, bamboo and ceramic and porcelain tiling.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call 848-8820.

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