Maybe you have heard of induction cooking, maybe you haven’t. Many high-end restaurants have at least one induction burner in their arsenal of cooking appliances. Induction burners are quick, precise and consistent — all things desired by professional cooks. However, no longer is induction available strictly to professionals. Many reputable brands are now carrying various options for induction cooking units for the home.

What is induction cooking? Induction cook-tops use an electromagnetic field to heat up a pan versus traditional methods of using heat transfer, which heats the cooking surface (via electric coil or burning gas). Induction cooking allows the actual cooking surface to be cool to touch so there is less risk of burns. Induction is more energy efficient because the pan is heated by a magnetic field instead of heating just the bottom of the pan. A gas stove only utilizes about 40 percent of the heat generated, the other 60 percent is wasted. Electric cook-tops utilize 50 percent of the heat generated. Induction cooking surfaces use 90 percent of the energy.



Induction heats the pan incredibly fast, much faster than conventional methods, no more waiting for the pan to warm up. Also, the cooking area stays cool because induction does not give off much heat into the cooking space, a factor to consider when cooking in a toasty place like Hawaii. Induction cooking is a time saver too; induction boils water in a flash and gets that meal going quickly. There may be a period of adjustment after switching from a conventional method to induction cooking, but given a little practice, you will be whipping up culinary delights in no time, literally.

You will need pots that are conducive for induction cooking, which means the pans need to be made of ferrous material like steel or cast iron. Aluminum is not going to work. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan you’re good.

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