In 39 years of contracting in Hawaii, Matthew Houar, owner of Tropical Wholesale (Tropical), has seen many contractors come and go — most who go were not local contractors. When you are born and raised in Hawaii, you are more likely to stay for the longterm. Those from the mainland sometimes move back to the mainland, which is why it’s best that Hawaii’s homeowners support locally owned home improvement contractors.

Most homeowners do homework to get estimates from contractors. A homeowner will often compare three companies, compare three products, call the Better Business Bureau, etc.

However, this research does not always accurately reflect the reality of the company’s history or products. Oftentimes the picture of a company is skewed because new companies haven’t had customer complaints yet, most homeowners only call the companies with the most prominent advertisements, and all companies claim to have the best products.



However, the facts are usually these: most contractors stay in business only less than eight years; just because a company advertises a lot does not mean it has a good product, is a good company or has a contractor’s license; and most factories sell ownership within 10 to 12 years.

So what does this all mean for the homeowner? It helps for you as a homeowner to go the extra mile to look past the easiest-to-find companies. Be patient and seek out more than three companies before making a final decision. Inquiring with local contractors is also beneficial.

If you hire a local contractor, here are a few things you can almost always count on:

• The contractor will most likely know someone you know — positive word of mouth is your best reference.


• The average local contractor will stay in business for more than 25 years.

• Even if a factory goes out of business or is sold, the local contractor will most likely still be available to help you.

• The local contractor will remain in Hawaii longterm.

When it’s time to call a contractor, call a local contractor. If you need windows or siding, call Tropical. Family owned and operated, Tropical is Hawaii’s local window and siding contractor. Tropical has thousands of customers and the best products in the industry with lifetime warranties. No matter what happens to the factories Tropical sources it products from, Tropical will be available to help its customers.

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