If you’re looking for some great man cave additions but don’t have the money for a total makeover, don’t worry. You can give your space a redo at a fraction of the cost.

How? By renting a few components to make your space perfect for having company. Here are some simple ways :


• It starts with the TV. Nothing defines a man cave quite like a big screen TV. Renting a TV for your big event ensures that you have the latest and greatest picture quality at a fraction of the price.

• Complement your viewing entertainment with extras. No matter what is on television, food is the perfect party pleaser. Rent food warmers for the big game and provide that true tailgating experience. Or create an authentic movie environment by renting a popcorn machine from your local rental store.

• Offer them a drink. Every guest appreciates the presence of a wet bar. You can build your own. Don’t have the tools to take on such a project? In many cases, you can rent them instead of buying.



• Update the floors. Carpet may feel comfy under your toes but if you’re looking for something to stand up to wear and tear, nothing beats hard-wood floors. Today’s hardwood floor material is easier to install than ever so don’t shy away from making this improvement.

• Fill your space with alternative entertainment. Bring in a game table to give your guests that real Vegas feel. Texas Hold’em tables are a popular choice but you can also rent a Craps table or a roulette wheel.

• Welcome to the arcade. Your neighborhood rental store has plenty of options to give your man cave that nostalgic arcade feel. Wow your guests with a memorable arcade game or treat them to the classic pinball machine.


Your man cave is already your favorite room in your house and with a few upgrades, you can turn your space into the place everyone enjoys hanging out. Consult your local rental store or visit RentalHQ.com for more ideas.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.