With Hawaiian Electric’s latest “call before you install” approval policy, the hopes of getting your PV solar system installed before the end of 2013 may have been compromised. Among all the confusion, the good news is that the studies being conducted by HECO are being done to allow more photovoltaic solar systems to be added to the grid.

“Being the last house on the grid can be concerning,” said Richie Aqui, Akamai Energy’s managing director. “If you’re thinking of going solar this year or even next year, call us today so we can help you reserve your spot. We are fast and efficient when it comes to getting your paperwork in order so you can get approved.”


Akamai Energy can show you where your home lies on the penetration map and, for some homeowners, your approval may be only weeks away. The company will also submit your net meter application on your behalf with no deposit required.


“Our application submittal process is fast, simple and it’s free. Going solar is a lifetime decision, not an overnight one. Be smart and let us help you take the guesswork out of getting on the grid,” says Aqui. Akamai Energy also offers 100 percent off grid solutions which require no NEM approvals. In recent years, there are a lot of individuals who are looking into Passive solar heating of the grid to live a more natural lifestyle, so this is a great advancement for those who want to live off their land.

If your street is at 100 percent capacity or gridlocked, Akamai Energy can help you save money while you wait for your net meter application approval with the Watt-Buster. The Watt-Buster improves appliance longevity, surge and spike protection for your entire home. Because it aids in your home’s overall electricity efficiency, it can lower your electric bill with savings of up to 25 percent.


“It’s perfect for homes with limited roof space, limited budgets, condos, renters and the ideal affordable savings device for business owners. Call us today and find out ‘watts in the box’,” said Aqui.

Visit akamaienergyhawaii.com for a wealth of solar information including brochures, resource articles, special coupons and rebates and video clips of Solar in 60 Seconds, as featured on “Sunrise” on Hawaii News Now.

“The process of going green with net energy metering begins the day your appli cation is submitted. Putting it off until next year will only delay the process further,” cautions Aqui. “Be smart or akamai. This holiday season let Akamai Energy help you give your family the gift that keeps giving for a lifetime. The gift of photovoltaic solar.”



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