If you’re thinking of installing equipment such as a new PV system or hot water solar collectors on your roof, you may be having a problem deciding which roof system will best protect your home. It should be easy and safe to install the PV system on your roof, and the roof must be permanent so it will outlast the equipment installed on it. Also, keep in mind that you will have to service the equipment so you want to choose a roof that is safe to walk on and will not be damaged by foot traffic.


It is also important to note that not all roof systems are the same. The lifetime Country Manor Aluminum Shake system (CMS), engineered and developed 40 years ago by Alcoa, but now made by Classic Products in Piqua, Ohio, may be what you are looking for. Aluminum Shake Roofing has been installing this non-combustible and light weight roof throughout Hawaii since 1989.


The CMS roof has style along with enduring strength, and is aesthetically the best looking aluminum roof on the market. It is the most stylish roof you can buy, and will add curb appeal to your home no matter the neighborhood.


The CMS roof has a unique four-way interlock and is installed without clips, using only stainless steel fasteners. It actually holds tighter as wind speed increases. CMS also comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty that protects the homeowner from damage caused by Hawaii’s salty, marine environment. Even the infrared reflecting finish is guaranteed not to come off and shows only limited fading for up to 30 years.

Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc. has installed thousands of these great roofs throughout Hawaii and would love to add you to its long list of proud homeowners. Simply call the owner, Fred Rehm, and he will come out, measure your roof and give you a scaled drawing along with a very detailed written estimate of what it will cost for each item of work required to install a CMS roof on your home.

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