As a renewable energy company, Risource Energy not only installs rooftop solar systems but also specializes in installing systems that will continually maximize homeowners’ savings.


Darren Furumoto, Risource Energy President, has worked with Japanese PV modules for his entire career in photovoltaics. After extensive experience working with PV panels made by Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic and Sharp, Furumoto made a well-informed decision to strictly install Solar Frontier PV modules.


A partnership with Solar Frontier has distinguished Risource Energy from the masses of solar companies in Hawaii. Solar Frontier is the No. 1, 100 percent Japanese-made module manufacturer and the world’s largest manufacturer of thin-film CIS PV modules. Risource Energy is currently Solar Frontier’s “Top U.S. Residential Installer.”

CIS is a second generation PV technology and denotes “copper, indium and selenium.” Since the ’70s, Solar Frontier’s researchers analyzed leading PV technologies, including crystalline silicon. When the unique potential of CIS PV cells was realized in the early ’90s, Solar Frontier elected to focus on the continual development and improvement of CIS technology over today’s standard PV technology. The high temperature co-efficient and excellent low-light absorption of CIS allows for a quicker return on investment for residential and commercial customers.



Solar Frontier’s high demand in Japan has recently increased even more. Solar Frontier has been selected by Japanese housing giant, Sekisui Heim, to provide 10kW of CIS panels for each of its Smart Power Station homes. Sekisui Heim, a subsidiary of Sekisui Chemical, has built and sold over 100,000 homes with PV between 1998 and 2011. The company holds the Guinness World Record for “the most solar powered houses built.”

The smart power station homes are aimed at meeting the Japanese government’s target of standardizing Zero Energy Housing by 2020. Homes built to Zero Energy Housing standards will consume net-zero energy from the grid.

If CIS technology is suitable for smart power homes, it might be a smart choice for Hawaii too.

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