If you have a leaky roof, one option to consider is waterproofing. Surface Shield Roofing is a certified applicator for many products that can solve your leaky roof problems. Most of these products double as energy-efficient roof coatings as well, so not only do you fix your leaky roof, but you can also lower the temperature in your home.

Below are some examples offered by Surface Shield for your flat-roof waterproofing needs:

• Silicone coatings are an ideal product for houses with a negative roof slope.


• Gaco’s product Gaco Sil S-2000 is a petroleum-free product with 84 percent reflectivity and limited dirt pickup. Gaco shares the same chemical backbone as sand. According to Gaco, the S-2000 product demonstrates excellent physical properties and doesn’t break down over time. Gaco S-2000 is the product typically used on residential properties, and Gaco S-20 is used on commercial properties. These products are applied using the spray or roll-on method and can be used on metal, concrete, cap sheet, torch down or modified bitumen. Surface Shield is one of five certified Gaco Installers, giving customers the opportunity for various warranty options.


• All Weather Surface’s White Lava product, Tropical Silicone, is a solvent-free, high-solids roof coating for use over existing roof substrates as a waterproofing and heat reflective membrane. Tropical Silicone is a great product for low-sloped roofing surfaces that have ponding water, and it effectively resists the mildew and algae that grow in those ponding areas. Surface Shield is a platinum installer for all White Lava products. This accolade provides Surface Shield with the opportunity to provide multiple warranty option.

Surface Shield is a licensed full-service roofing company and can handle any job big or small. In addition to assisting homeowner’s with their roofing needs, Surface Shield has extended its service to include photovoltaic (PV) panel installation. Surface Shield is truly a one-stop shop from the installation of a new energy-efficient roofing system to PV panel installation; it is a seamless process from start to finish, where the homeowner only has to schedule with one company, saving valuable time and hassle.

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