Servco Home & Appliance is pleased to announce the arrival in Hawaii of three new 24-inch-wide Bosch laundry pairs. The company has been proud to distribute thousands of Bosch laundry pairs to consumers throughout the Hawaiian Islands since 1999, but it has never before been this excited about a new product launch. Because as great as the past designs have been, the new models are truly exceptional. Bosch has created three new matching designs that are easy to install and that meet the new Dryer Fire Containment standards recently introduced by UL (an independent safety science company).

The line begins with the Axxis Ascenta washer and dryer. The Ascenta units are the most affordable pair and feature a 15.4-pound capacity in the stainless steel drum washer. The washer spins at up to 1,200 rpm to remove much of the water before the clothes are put into the dryer.



The “middle of the line” Axxis models take all the features of the Ascenta and increase the capacity to 17.6 pounds. The Axxis models also add AquaShield® hoses and a reversible dryer door. The Axxis Plus pair adds a 30 minute complete wash/dry cycle, a dryer drum light and most importantly, Bosch’s AquaStop® Leak Protection System.

Bosch engineers have designed all three of the new dryers to meet the new UL standards and to be condensation units. This technology eliminates the need to vent to the outside, making this the perfect unit for people who are currently venting their dryers into a bucket or a sock. The condensation technology requires no additional parts and adds only 10 percent to the drying time.

The new Bosch Axxis washers and dryers can be stacked or placed side by side, either on the floor or on specially designed pedestals. And all Bosch Axxis washers plug into Axxis dryers, meaning that only one outlet is necessary to operate both units.


To top this amazing launch off, Bosch Axxis washer and dryer pairs purchased between now and March 31, 2014 from participating dealers will qualify for a $200 mail-in rebate. For more information, contact the Servco Home & Appliance showroom at 564-2493.

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