Communication is a key element when hiring a contractor and entrusting them with the outcome of your building project. The company, Atlas Construction, believes in having an open line of communication from the start. When meeting potential families who are considering hiring a company to build a new home or an addition, Atlas Construction prepares by researching all the available information on a property. This is how Atlas Construction establishes what options there are for your home. This allows the company to be clear as to what services it can offer you and your family.

When Atlas Construction prepares an estimate for you on your project, it clearly lists all your wants and needs and the cost associated. In order to fit your budget, the company also suggests alternative options that bring more value and make your project more economical. Atlas Construction’s main goal is to design to meet your budget so that you may enjoy your new home or addition without any financial stress.


Atlas Construction stands by this estimate so that you and your family may expect that the price it quotes is the price you pay — there are no hidden costs or change orders. The only change would be if you, the homeowner, decided to make the change.


Your estimate, design layouts and construction documents will be contained in a job file specifically created for your building project. Not only is your job file physically located in the company’s office, but with the growth in cloud-based technology, digital copies are also available for you and your family to access wherever you have an internet connection. Atlas Construction is unique in the way it has integrated a cloud-based project management program for families that have allowed the company to build new homes or additions. When the company starts working with a family, it provides a mobile tablet device that allows the family to log on to their project and glean critical information. The family may see what is scheduled and the work taking place. They also have the ability to share and post pictures and other information on social media websites. Family members can make product selections, receive notifications and send messages to everyone assigned to the project.

This is how Atlas Construction believes that communication between itself and families it builds for can stay in constant contact and maintain clear lines of communication. With these procedures and technological tools, everyone is on the same page. The company knows exactly what you expect from it, and you know exactly what it will provide for you and your family.

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