Whether looking out to a private garden from your master bathroom, talking story with you kids in your kitchen or turning your carport to a garage, everyone’s priorities and lifestyles are different — and will change. But that is the difference between a home and a house.

Turning a house into a home can be as simple as hanging family photos and painting that stark-white wall to teal or as complex as a second story addition with a balcony deck overlooking the beach you played on as a kid. Whatever your reason, here are a few helpful hints to help you with your renovation:


• Prioritize the space needs that fit your lifestyle.

• Set up a manageable budget and stick to it.


• Ensure the spaces in your home are optimally used. Excess is never good.

• Ensure your structure — foundation and roof — is sound by hiring a professional or certified home inspector.

• Apply for applicable building permits.

• Be cost-effective, but use good-quality materials.

• Use eco-friendly materials when you can.



If you are in need of some additional help or permit documents, hire a designer who is qualified to do the job and understands what you need. A designer will:

• Go over your priorities with you and help you weigh out any tough decisions

• Advise and design to meet your budget

• Ensure design meets current building codes

• Help you attain your building permit


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