With so many important factors to consider when looking for the perfect house, many today are choosing to design and construct their own with the assistance of a qualified contracting company. For more than 10 years, RUI Building Supply has been helping clients build their dream homes around the island from the ground up.


“Rather than limit yourself to the houses available on the market, designing your own place gives you full control of every detail,” said Xiao “Rui” Xie, owner of RUI Building Supply. “Depending on the area, it can even be cheaper and significantly less complicated than working with a home that is essentially unchangeable and already has much wear and tear.”


Credited with a full-spectrum contracting license, RUI Building Supply works closely with the client every step of the process. Potential clients are welcome to visit the company showroom and meet with an in-house architecture. “Our team can work with any budget to make your dream house come to life,” said Rui.

In some instances, some have purchased an older home to acquire rights to the land with the intention of rebuilding an entirely new structure. “If the client desires, we have the capability to do full-range demolition,” explained Rui. “We will work with the city to obtain the necessary permits to reconstruct and reassemble a house with completely new materials, plumbing, electrical work and more.”


By outsourcing high-quality materials from Asia, where Rui is originally from, the company can offer custom-design construction to fit any style and budget. “From a simple, modest home to a luxury estate, we treat every job of ours with the utmost care and precision,” said Rui. “All of our materials by default come with a one-year warranty, but our clients can always call us with any questions or special requests.”

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call 848-8820.

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