Are you about to make the first cold call to a home improvement company you’ve found on Google, at a product expo or in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser?

As a first point of contact for Windows Hawaii, I use every conversation as a teachable moment to nurture a budding relationship — a lifelong business relationship with a company, its personnel and its products.


When people think of making a big purchase decision, they are motivated by emotion, desire and need. Most often, need is top priority, but emotion and desire take precedence.


Think you’re ready to find the best company and products for your home remodel? Here are some tips to get you started:

• Be honest about everything: the color, the finish, the look you want to achieve. But most importantly, be honest about the look you’ll be able to enjoy throughout its lifetime.

• Set a realistic budget for your project. Having a maximum limit allows you to look at three different prices for three different window brands instead of being pigeonholed into one specific brand. If brands are visually similar, blending brands could be advantageous.


• Explore your current situation. Could you do this project in phases? Spreading out a big job may offer incentives for you and the company you choose. Don’t be afraid to ask for options.

• Evaluate your time frame. Businesses that have increased sales volumes won’t tell you they won’t meet the turn-over time. Ask the salesperson for a realistic window for your order before signing the contract — and your expectations. Also, it would be wise to ask the salesperson for a projected installation time frame to complete your project.

• Know each company. Research potential companies’ legal standing on the Professional and Vocational Licensing search online at Utilize the Better Business Bureau’s Business search at Read commentaries on Or visit companies at product shows and trade expos held throughout the year where the products are readily available for you to test.

Call or visit our website to schedule your free, in-home estimate with a Windows Hawaii estimator.

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