Diamond Head Windows is proud to bring European-style doors and windows to Hawaii. It’s now featuring the Amerimax 4500 series doors and windows.

These tilt-turn windows and doors allow you to get maximum ventilation as well as protection from wind-driven rain. This window is an inward opening casement window, a secure-top venting hopper window and a tightly-sealed picture window.


The Amerimax 4500 tilt-slide sliding door slides like a regular sliding door as well as tilts back, providing ventilation and security. The door utilizes special hardware, which actually compresses rubber seals between the frame and sash providing an exceptional barrier to air, water and sound.


Both the windows and doors come with internal blinds as an option, giving you privacy and ease of maintenance.

These steel reinforced systems provide the needed requirements for high-rise condominiums as well as residential and commercial application. They come available in white or desert sand as well as wood grains and color foiling options to fit any application or color requirement.

Living Room Interior

Looking to create a large unobstructed opening? The Amerimax 4500 bi-fold door works in both residential or commercial applications. This unique door allows up to seven sash panels to fold to either side, creating a wide opening without any interruption. Compression seals and multi-point locking hardware keep dust and dirt out, and assure water and air-tightness as well as optimum security.

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