Looking for a great space to chill out with your pals? Call it the basement, the garage or just a room to enjoy the game — it’s your hangout. Take your space to the next level with these game day essentials. If you’re lucky, it’ll become the game day spot for seasons to come.

Store away things you don’t need

It’s essential that you can always find what you need and your buds have plenty of space to celebrate.


Never lose the remote: use Velcro to secure it to a designated space on the wall.

Cut back on clutter by installing shelving units. If you don’t have the space, consider multipurpose furniture pieces, such as a storage ottoman with a hidden mini-fridge.

Add some team spirit

Embrace your team colors with a fresh coat of paint. If your team has bright colors, paint a few items or stripe the walls so it is not too overpowering. When painting, use a Purdy White Dove roller cover. It’s great for applying paint to large areas and can be easily cleaned.


Allow your collections to manifest


Whether you enjoy building mini airplanes or have a slight movie obsession, showcase your interests. Having a place to enjoy your hobbies and your friends is a smart way to save space and flaunt what you love. If you don’t have any collections, consider hanging posters of your favorite team.

Create your own halftime activities

Add some fun during commercials with games suiting your space. If you have a small space, consider games like darts or cards. A big space could house a vintage pinball machine or a pool table.

Feed your friends

Designate an area for food and beverages. Consider a vintage-styled popcorn machine or hot dog roller cooker. Sports-themed plastic bowls are great for snack foods.


By following these simple tips, the guys will be enjoying the game and your awesome space in no time.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.