In recent years with the advancement of information regarding chemical products, more homeowners have made a conscientious effort to choose greener solutions to address their home cleaning needs. Among the laundry list of tasks, one of the most prominent issues concerns keeping drainpipes clear of build-up.


Pacific Environmental Solutions (PES), a leader in environmentally appropriate green solutions, offers two products specifically designed to help break down and clear away the residual formations that can cause drainpipes to clog.

For kitchen drains, rather than use harsh chemicals, PES product GES+ utilizes a natural bacteria to break down grease. The formula consists mostly of water and carbon dioxide, making it safe enough for anyone to use.


To address another problem area, bathroom drainpipes, PES presents Drain Blast, a bacteria-based product that targets and weakens sludge build-up. Such build-up not only hinders materials such as shampoo and hair from traveling through the drain-pipes seamlessly, but it also acts as a nesting ground and food source for drain flies and gnats.


Esteemed as Mother Nature in a bottle, GES+ and Drain Blast allow homeowners to safely and expertly rid drainpipes of excess debris that can clog and cause drainpipes to be slow flowing. In addition to the drainpipes, Drain Blast can also be applied in shower stalls as well as vanity countertops to prevent soap scum.

Because the products do not use dangerous chemicals such as ammonia or bleach, residents do not have to worry about causing undue damage to their drain-pipes. Two of the most cost-effective solutions available on the market, GES+ and Drain Blast prevent the possibility of eventually having to replace one’s drain-pipe due to chemical abuse.

In today’s market, consumers are taking a more proactive approach to learning about chemical byproducts and the various greener, more effective ways to clean their homes. Additionally, an increasing number of commercial businesses such as hotels and restaurants are also requesting the use of greener solutions.