As a homeowner, one of the largest investments you will make is your roof. West Oahu Roofing, Inc. (WOR) is the company that you can trust to take the time and effort to go above and beyond just roofing.

One of the services WOR offers is providing customers with a one-on-one roofing consultation. During this consultation, WOR will educate you about roofing and create a tailored roofing system specific to your needs. In addition, WOR will also take into account the costs, color, life of roof and energy savings.

Bernard C. Balais

Bernard C. Balais

There are many roofing products and roofing manufacturers on the market. WOR only sells and installs roofing products that have been proven to stand the test of time when exposed to the sun, wind and rain.


“We ensure quality service is our No. 1 priority,” WOR owner Bernard C. Balais said. “The only way we are able to provide a roofing guarantee is to use roofing products our employees would use on our own homes.”

WOR is committed to excellence through its innovative services. Here’s how the WOR does it:

1. Each roofing job uses a dump truck to remove and haul the debris away from the property daily, which allows homeowners access to their driveway during non-working hours.

2. Each roofing job is equipped with engine-driven air compressors and generators, which reduce potential electrical problems that may occur.

3. Each roofing job is always equipped with a daily jobsite restroom, which reduces the need to inconvenience homeowners to use their restroom.


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If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable roof, now is the time to call West Oahu Roofing, Inc. For a free estimate, call or email WOR to schedule an appointment today.

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