It’s time to make a decision on your solar PV (photovoltaic) electricity system for 2013. With the myriad of companies and offerings, it’s easy to get confused on how to get solar PV energy installed on your home. Surface Shield Roofing and Solar (C-28235) makes it easy for you. Of the cornucopia of buying ideas, marketing strategies, customer enticement and confusing explanations of how to get solar electricity, it all comes down to three basic methods to get your system this year.

Here’s a break-down of the three ways you can secure yourself with a PV system and the pros and cons of each:

Purchase a solar electric (PV) system


• Receive the highest investment value for the upfront system cost when you pay in cash
• Pay less for home equity lines than you would typically pay for your electric bill
• Get a fast payback for the system with equity lines, and when you pay in cash, the pay-back is even faster
• Earn tax credit benefits • Enjoy 20 to 30 years of tax-deferred cash flow income
• Save the most overall and receive the fastest Return on Investment (ROI) of the three methods


Use 12or 18-month financing and equipment leases

• Pay no money down
• Make no payments
• Accrue no interest
• Receive no fees during the introductory term
• Get quickly approved for the loan over the phone or with a brief application
• Earn tax credit benefits
• Enjoy 20 to 30 years of tax-deferred cash flow income
• Reap the benefits of savings and collect a quick ROI

Make a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA):

• Pay no money down, or pre-pay upfront
• Decrease your monthly electric bill
• Rest assured that power and maintenance are guaranteed
• Find a PPA financier easily, as lenders are nationwide
• Earn no tax credit, however
• Agree to 20to 25-year arrangement for the lending company to use your roof
• Save, but collect no ROI


Solar electricity has been increasingly popular in Hawaii due to our high electricity costs. Surface Shield hopes to help you with financial freedom from the rising cost of electricity.

With solar PV electric systems, you typically pay it off in four to seven years on average, which is like paying yourself instead of paying the electric bill. The installation year is coming to an end to get orders in for the 2013 tax benefits. Surface Shield is here to help.

The company is truly a one-stop shop from the installation of a new energy-efficient roofing system to PV installation; it is a seamless process from start to finish where the homeowner only has to schedule with one company, saving valuable time.


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