Japan is a country well-known for excellent products and service. The service personnel address and treat the customers as “okyaku-sama” or “honored guests.” There’s even an expression in Japan: “Okyakusama wa kami sama desu,” which means, “The customer is like a god.”


In honor of National Customer Service Week, Risource Energy would like to humbly thank and honor all its past, present and future PV customers. The Honolulu-based company, which exclusively installs and specializes in second generation Japan-made CIS Photovoltaic (PV) modules, is officially launching their “Risource Energy Maintenance and Inspection Program.”


“I’ve always admired the Japanese culture of respect and modeled Risource’s service initiative in that way,” stated Furumoto, Risource Energy president. “We believe in the efficiency and quality of our photovoltaic systems and wanted to offer this complimentary service as additional peace of mind for our customers.”

“Identifying problems early will prevent future issues and maintain energy production for the life of the PV system,” added Charles Lum, project manager.


Risource Energy’s deep commitment to customer care is reflected in their professional workmanship and happy customers.

“I’ve always been impressed with (Risource Energy). We never felt like they were just ‘trying to make a sale.’ The panels are good if not better (in efficiency) than the previous PV panels I had at my Ewa home. I’ve always felt this company was in it for the long-term. Everything they said came to truth and to term. The response time is usually within one day. I feel I have a superior system,” commented Mr. Humphreys of Mililani.


The company not only sells a premium, Japanese-made product, it offers a premium servicing program to maintain its systems.


The value of being a Risource customer is worth much more than the return on electricity savings. All Risource Energy PV installations are fully backed by a 10 year in-house warranty and matching annual inspection program.

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