While Oahu is an excellent location for solar power, with its 271 days of sun annually, it also receives an average of 180 days of precipitation. Rain, along with Hawaii’s salt air, can attack and accelerate degradation of a solar system’s components and the roof it’s mounted on. RevoluSun’s unique methods of racking panels results in 50 percent fewer holes on the roof, which means less risk of roof and mounting degradation.

The foundation for a solar PV system’s success lies in the design and installation of the roof penetration, according to Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “Once installed, solar is a relatively low maintenance investment that should last long-term,” Carlson said. “You get the absolute most for your money when the racking is made of top-notch material and your roof has the least possible amount of drilled holes so as to avoid spaces that can attract moisture capable of degrading a roof or system.”



RevoluSun’s racking can span longer distances and is made of a Marine Grade “6000 series” anodized aluminum that requires less drilling of holes. “In layman’s terms, 9 feet of modules in width would only require four pukas, while another company might generally have to do the same job with eight pukas,” said RevoluSun project manager, Scott Rodgerson. He points out that Unirac, owned by the Hilti Group, which is well-known for industry-leading expertise and commercial grade materials, manufactures the racking.

Bill Stiles of Honolulu chose RevoluSun specifically because their racking system was so different than other companies’. “I have a challenging roof arrangement and metal framing,” Stiles explained. “I chose RevoluSun because of their market share and their partnership with experienced installers. They exceeded my expectations.”

Another customer, Andy Gorman, concurred and said he was impressed with the attention to detail when it came to his roof. “My wife and I were in the market for a PV system and met with several local contractors,” Gorman recalled. “RevoluSun was by far the most professional company we met with. Their installation techniques ensured our roof was protected and that our system was built for the long haul.”

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