Last month, Hawaiian Electric issued new guidelines for approval of netmetered PV systems. Applications for grid-interconnected systems must now be approved by HECO before the customer moves forward with installation. This process change will ultimately result in HECO accepting more solar PV on the grid. With the change, HECO has instituted a queuing process so, to assure your place is in line, now is the time to invest in a solar PV system. Prices are very affordable, tax credits are still available and several financing options are offered by American Electric.


One of the very best ways to go solar is a Sunrun Solar Service agreement offered by American Electric. With the low upfront payment option, you can get started for as little as $0 and pay monthly for solar electricity. Or, you can choose the prepaid option to purchase your electricity and lock in a low rate for the next 20 years.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start saving today with solar from American Electric, the licensed electrical contractor serving Hawaii since 1946 — professionals you will be able to count on for decades for a full range of electrical services. For instance, when installing a photovoltaic system, it’s important to make sure the current wiring of your home is safe. American Electric offers services such as Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD) that tests your entire home electrical system for faulty or vulnerable outlets or wiring, as well as other potential electrical hazards. This service can be packaged with a PV system or performed separately just to ensure your family’s safety.


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