Homeowners getting ready to install a new PV system or other rooftop equipment on their home usually realize their roof needs upgrading. Their new roof system should be one that will outlast the equipment they’re buying, is easy to walk on so that the panels can be serviced and one that will not only look good when new, but also look good as time passes.


A number of PV installers have said that of all the roofs they work on the Country Manor Shake aluminum roof system, installed locally by Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc. may be the most logical choice for homeowners. The initial PV panel installation is simple and safe, plus it costs the PV installer less to mount the panels over CMS than on most other roof systems. PV installers really like the solid feel underfoot, which comes in part from the patented FoamGuard EPS inserts — FoamGuard is more than 60 percent denser than inserts used in any other roof system. Servicing the rooftop equipment is safe and easy for them.

Homeowners really like that the CMS roof comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, covering them against any and all costs to repair or replace any portion of the roof in the unlikely event it might fail. Specific ways the roof can fail include corrosion from salt air, detachment or deformation in winds up to 120 mph, hail penetration or even paint chipping.


The Country Manor Aluminum Shake roof system, originally developed by Alcoa, is manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems in Piqua, Ohio. The CMS-engineered roof system comes in a variety of colors and textures and is a cool, quiet, fire-safe, weather-tight and completely walkable roof. Call Fred Rehm (383-8020) for details or a free estimate.

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