With 2013 racing by and the PV solar clock ticking once again, Akamai Energy is prepared with the industry’s most experienced installation crews to handle the fall rush. Industry experts say not to wait until it’s too late. While the 30 percent federal tax credit is valid until 2016, the 35 percent Hawaii solar tax credit is always on the table for discussion.

Other factors to consider are the turnaround time for city permits, homeowner’s association approvals and Hawaiian Electric’s net metering applications.


“Being the last house on the grid could cost you,” cautioned Richie Aqui, Akamai Energy’s managing director. “If you’re thinking of going solar this year or even next year, call us and we can help you reserve your spot. We are fast and efficient when it comes to getting your paperwork in order so you can get approved.”


“At Akamai Energy, we make buying solar simple and affordable.” says Aqui. “We help you through the entire process from the moment we first meet and shake hands to a year after your install when we come back to do a routine cleaning and maintenance check.”

Akamai Energy, accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii, also offers services including financing options for everyone $0 down options and 0 percent financing for as long as 24 months.


“We pride ourselves on customer service today and customer satisfaction for years to come,” says Aqui.

With Akamai Energy’s My Easy Solar Loan, getting financed for your solar purchase is easy. My Easy Solar Loan offers no money down and tax credits. With 0 percent financing for 24 months and a 10-year potential loan term, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re looking at securing your family’s long-term financial future and locking in your monthly payments toward your home’s energy, call Akamai Energy and get qualified for My Easy Solar Loan.


“Eliminating your electric bill is every solar company’s goal,” says Aqui. “Getting the right company to do the job is what concerns most homeowners. We guarantee to do the job right, pass inspection and be here to service your needs now and in the future.”


Avoid the last-minute rush for PV solar and become an educated smart solar shopper. Visit www.akamaienergyhawaii.com for more information.

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