Now that it’s time to change those old windows and doors or spruce up the exterior of your home with something like Lifetime Vinyl Sliding, call Tropical Wholesale (Tropical). Tropical has been serving Hawaii’s homeowners for more than 30 years and it has worked with thousands of local customers.


Here are some good reasons to call Tropical today:

1.Tropical carries Simonton windows and doors. Simonton’s products are the only 100 percent warranted vinyl windows and doors in Hawaii. Most factories void the Hawaii warranties because of the state’s salt-air conditions. But not Simonton products; they are fully warranted in Hawaii for a lifetime. Plus, Simonton has factory-approved technicians on-island in case repairs are necessary.

2. Tropical carries Norandex Vinyl Siding products. Norandex is the thickest vinyl siding made, period. And it has eight different styles and 20-plus colors to choose from. All of these options have a lifetime warranty, even here in Hawaii. It’s guaranteed that you’ll never paint again. And that is why we always say, “Vinyl is final.”


3. Tropical carries and wholesale distributes both of these products, and installs them. With the company’s “local boys” installing your windows, doors and vinyl siding, you can’t go wrong. Plus, when other companies warrant their installation for only one year, Tropical warrants it for a lifetime. And if people doubt whether the company will remain in business throughout the years or not, Tropical is there to reassure customers that it will continue to be in business because it has been so for 30 plus years and is still going strong.

Now is the time to fix up your home, so call Tropical and the company will do the job right. Remember, Tropical’s motto is “No sense doing the job if you don’t do it right.” Call owners Matt and Mike Houar to do the job right, local style. Reach the company by calling 263-1252 or 456-4892, or visiting

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