Atlas Construction would like to take the time to acknowledge all the people who have voted the company Hawaii’s Best Contractor for 2013 in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser‘s Hawaii’s Best People’s Choice Awards. Atlas Construction is humbly grateful and thankful for your recognition of the hard work and dedication that the company gives families, which has allowed it to fulfill homeowners’ dreams of building a new home or making improvements to their home. When the company was notified of its award, it was taken by surprise. Atlas Construction had not been campaigning for votes, yet it still came away with first place.

Although the company did not actively seek out this award, in its staff members’ hearts and mind, they were striving for this very identification. Atlas Construction is a family business with six cousins who are at the core of the operation. They are descendants of four generations of construction and real estate professionals in their family lineage. The remainder of the company, although not blood relatives, are considered family in the sense that they believe in the same principles that were handed down to the core members of the business throughout the generations. The amount of time and effort staff members put into a job is the same quality as if they were building their own homes. This empathy towards relationships with families and their building projects is the foundation that the company is built on.

Atlas Construction believes that customer satisfaction is a No. 1 priority. The building process may be long and complicated, so during this time, the bond between the homeowners and the company is tested. But a level of trust and assurance begins to develop and remedies homeowners’ concerns. After seeing Atlas Constructions’ approach to obstacles and situations that may arise during building, homeowners rest assured that the company has their best interest in mind. In the end, Atlas Construction’s interest is one and the same as that of the homeowners.

Take the time to get to know Atlas Construction, as the company takes every opportunity to provide everyone with the information they’ll need to make an informed decision when taking on a building project. The company spends as many as four to five meetings with homeowners to share this information. It also has a monthly building seminar that provides valuable information for homeowners in their building process.

Atlas Construction also has Contractors Open Houses where you can see for yourself the quality of its work. This month, the company is hosting a building seminar Sept. 25 and 26. Its Contractors Open House is Sept. 21 and 22, as well as Sept. 28 and 29. Call the office at 951-9500 for more details.

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address // 1302 N. School St.
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