With blissfully innovative features that are revolutionizing the floor covering industry, it comes as no surprise to homeowners to learn that the newly introduced Bliss Indulgence carpet line is earning praise as “the nicest carpet in the world.”

Indulgence carpet is produced by Beaulieu of America, the largest carpet specialist in the U.S., and is readily available through American Carpet One — Hawaii’s leading authority on carpeting and its expert installation. As a certified Stainmaster Flooring Center, one of 200 nationwide, American Carpet One affords customers access to exclusive products and services, as well as the Ultra Life Advantage — an industry-leading warranty for carpet care.

“It’s a carpet that is soft under foot, yet wears extremely well,” explained Danette Hoe, sales trainer at American Carpet One. “What the manufacturer has done is create a very luxurious yet durable product.”


The Bliss Indulgence carpet line is composed of solution-dyed nylon, which signifies that the carpet’s color is introduced to the fibers during the liquid stage, ensuring that the color runs evenly throughout. This process results in fully-colored fibers that are likened to taking a cross-section view of a carrot: when one cuts the vegetable, the orange color runs throughout, while when doing the same with another vegetable like a radish, the red color can be seen initially, but eventually fades to white in the middle.

“It’s much harder to stain this type of carpet, and it will hold up to more aggressive cleaning methods to treat certain stains,” Hoe explained. “Its coloring process also makes it impervious to fading, so it’s great for Hawaii, where we see a lot of direct sunlight or Ozone staining — this carpet will perform very well.”

In Hawaii’s tropical climate, the sun’s ultraviolet rays tend to bleach a carpet over time, while Ozone pollution—a commonality in high-moisture, high-humidity areas like the Islands — will remove red pigment from carpet coloring, resulting in faded spots even in areas where the carpet faces no heavy traffic such as under a dresser or behind a door. The Indulgence line was designed to thwart both unsightly and costly problems while also bringing beauty and comfort to any living space.


Hoe explained that the carpet also features a Magic Fresh treatment, which is an application that, similar to baking soda, helps eliminate odors from the air. As air passes through the fibers of the carpet, it will actually neutralize odors. Bliss Indulgence also features a Wrinkle Guard backing that is tightly woven and increases the carpet’s ability to lay flat and avoid wrinkling in the future.


Carpet is by nature soft and offers sound-dampening properties that stop noise from bouncing around a room, while keeping spaces insulated. Hoe added that this carpet variety is easy to clean, and comes with a stellar warranty program through American Carpet One that protects the floor covering from spills and damage.

“Along with carpet being soft, you also want it to perform,” Hoe said of the Indulgence carpet options at American Carpet One.

The nylon product features some of the best warranties on the market, including lifetime guarantees against stains and wrinkling, and even offers the Bliss Serenity Guarantee: if one is not satisfied with the product within 45 days after purchase, the manufacturer will replace it with a comparable replacement.

Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) at American Carpet One are poised to adequately handle every step of all installation jobs from prepping the sub-floor to the installing the desired carpet or other flooring choice. With a host of CFIs standing by to assist customers in fulfilling their flooring dreams and desires, American Carpet One meets the highest industry standards while also providing the best installation quality and service available.


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