A company that’s full of ‘the ohana feeling’

By Hawaii Renovation Posted in: BathInterior
September 29, 2013

Most people would say that the bathroom and kitchen are the most visited rooms in a home. Frank Duarte, owner of D’s Plumbing, certainly agrees with this statement.

For this reason, Frank said, “Why would anyone want to do a ‘quick fix’ when contemplating a renovation on your bath and kitchen? Patching or covering up a problem is not the way to go. Sure, it’s going to be easier on your pocket book, but think of how long a patch will last before you have to do it all over again. Do it right the first time and in doing so, you will give those vital rooms another 25 plus years.”



D’s Plumbing recommends paying attention to features in these rooms such as plumbing. Faulty plumbing in condos is especially important to avoid, and you’ll want take care of plumbing needs the right way the first time. Faulty plumbing could end up being a big, costly problem not only for you, but for your neighbors as well. Condos today are adapting new guidelines to help prevent such mishaps. As an example, a lot of condos require you to replace all of your angle- or straight-valves and supplies, which service your plumbing fixtures in both baths and kitchens. Some control boards require you to replace your electric water heaters every five years. Of course, if you own your own home, it is always good to check your valves and make sure that they are in good condition.

Contracting a job to D’s Plumbing means you can rest assured that all of the company’s renovations — whether to kitchens or bathrooms — are checked out in detail. Frank said, “D’s Plumbing would not be in business for as long as we have been (going on 33 years in Hawaii) if it weren’t for our quality workmanship. I take pride in our work and customer satisfaction is always our priority.

“Customers will say, ‘Frank, when is it that you’re going to retire?’ and I always reply, ‘Never, I guess. I like what I do.’ Seeing those happy faces when the job is completed really gives me the greatest satisfaction that one could ask for,” Frank said.



D’s Plumbing offers various kitchen and bath cabinets (all wood) in many styles and colors, and you can choose from an assortment of products for your countertops and floors.

In Frank’s younger days, when he used to design and build homes, he would do everything from select the color scheme and lighting to finishing touches. He still carries this mentality today by helping individual owners make the right choices. Whether your job is large or small, Frank will help you make the decisions that are right for you.

D’s Plumbing has come a long way — it’s the ohana feeling that Frank and his men will give you. They are respectful and guide homeowners who may need help, such as seniors, who are often mislead one way or another. If you are in need of someone like Frank, call D’s Plumbing, a name you can trust.

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